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MPM implicit integration

Setup I am having a hard time translating the formulas in the 2016 MPM course from siggraph into algorithmic computations. In particular we have equations 200 and 201 $$h(v^{n+1}) = Mv^{n+1} - \Delta ...
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Numerical methods for Vlasov's equation

Vlasov equation is pretty straightforward It would be easy to solve with Fem packages like firedrake, but in my case I have 6d distribution function: it depends on 3d vector of spatial coordinates ...
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Choosing good modelling method for solving Boltzmann equation

I'm writing a solver for Boltzmann Equations (BE) including a force term in rarefied plasma, for my PhD. The aim is to see if an instability occurs inside an electric streamer (theoretically it should,...
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Tackling multiscale problem in numerical simulation

In a dusty plasma system there are more than one component with different masses, i.e, electrons, ions,neutrals and dust grains. Accordingly, there are more than one temporal and spatial scales ...
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Simple particle-in-cell examples

I am studying about the 1D EM-PIC (Electro Magnetics using particle-in-cell) simulation. I want to have a simultaneous time-integration of the electric/magnetic fields plus the motion of free charges ...
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