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Portable Batch System (PBS) is software that performs job scheduling, especially allocation of batch jobs among available resources. Derivatives include TORQUE, OpenPBS, and PBS Pro.

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How can I port bind an interactive transient PBS session to the head node and then port bind the head node to my local machine?

The short of it: How can I port bind an interactive transient PBS session to the head node and then port bind the head node to my local machine? So, a chain of port bind of three machines. More ...
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Parallelizing evolutionary algorithm on PBS

I have been granted access to a cluster running PBS and I'd like to run a Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) on it. To those unfamiliar with EAs, Wikipedia summarizes it as: Part One: Generate the initial ...
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How to compute 16 different simulations on parallel with pbs script on the same machine

I have a 32 cores machine, and I need to run 16 different dynamics simulations in parallel on it. I want the 16 jobs to run in parallel, not sequentially, on the same machine. The 16 dynamics input ...
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PBS: Using different computational resources on different nodes

I am using an HPC cluster to launch parallel simulations. At the moment, there are 48 free cores over 4 nodes but not each node do not have the same number of free cores. The distribution is something ...
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Running a script that asks for user input from a pbs file

I am trying to run a pbs file which runs a script on a cluster. The script prompts for a user input. I wish to write this user input in my pbs file, what is a good way to do this?
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Is there a way to ensure that PBS array jobs will be run in order?

I run many PBS scripts that take advantage of the job array structure for similar jobs (e.g. 12345[0] through 12345[9]). With the way that the code is written, job [0] needs to run first, and then any ...
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If a process created by a torque job forks and then exits, does torque kill the child processes? [closed]

I have a program that does some setup work, forks several times, and exits. The child processes do most of the heavy computing. Will torque kill the child processes when it detects the parent process ...
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Changing the queue for an already submitted PBS job [closed]

I have a job already submitted to a TORQUE queue. The system I submitted it on has several queues, and I want to change which queue I'm running it in. I found this question, which recommends the use ...
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Why is Torque changing the name of my output files?

I have a line in the script I submit to torque that looks like this: #PBS -o /path/to/output/file/directory/file_name_with_some_underscores.out But when I look ...
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Exit_status=15 , what does it mean? [closed]

I have a job which stops unexpectedly with Exit_status=15. What is the most probable error ?
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Implementing a fair scheduling policy on Maui/Torque

We have Maui and Torque on our lab's UNIX cluster. Right now, all jobs are served by FIFO. We'd like to implement a more fair policy, but I have not successfully implemented it. The online ...
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Starting multiple processes from a single PBS job and distributing them on the free cluster nodes

I'm not very familiar with PBS (we have torque installed here), and I have only used it to run one process per job so far, so bear with me. The actual problem I am trying to use Mathematica on a ...
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What does the priority of a PBS job really mean?

The qsub command which submits PBS jobs has a -p option that allows you to set the priority. From the man page: Defines the ...
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Prolonging PBS job

It is quite painful to discover that a few-day long job is going to be prematurely killed due to an error in setting walltime limit for it. Is there a way to change it for a running PBS job?
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