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How to Implement Analytical Magnetic Field Equations into a Physics-Informed Neural Network (PINN) in PyTorch?

I'm working on a project that involves modeling the magnetic field around Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, using a Physics-Informed Neural Network (PINN) in PyTorch. My goal is to implement analytical ...
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1 answer

Neural Network for Couette Flow

I'm trying to implement a simple Neural Network for Couette Flow. I'm working with a Fully Connected Neural Network. I'm finding that the convergence of the Neural Network is highly dependent on the ...
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0 answers

Is it best practice to normalise the input data before passing it inside a NN, or to perform the normalisation within the NN(Gradient Scope)

I have a NN for PINNs, which takes an 2D input and provides an 1D output. I need to normalise the input data(lets say between -1 to 1). I can think of two approaches where Approach 1: one approach ...