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Chebyshev/Lagrange polynomials in spectral methods

I am currently trying to familiarise myself with (Pseudo-)Spectral Methods for solving differential equations. Now, I am struggling to understand some obviously crucial concept of this approach. The ...
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schrodinger eq time propagation with dissipation using split step operator

I am looking in ways to include energy dissipation while propagating a coherent wavepacket in a 1d TDSE. for example I use the split step method: exp[Δt(D+V)]≈exp[ΔtV/2]exp[ΔtD]exp[ΔtV/2], and ...
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Spectral method in Dirichlet boundaries

I want to solve Navier-Stokes eq with Dirichlet boundaries using a pseudospectral method. All of the references I encountered used Chebychev transform to do this. But why can’t you use sine transform?
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Well-conditioned pseudospectral for computing eigenvalues to (partial) differential equations

I am working on writing a Chebyshev pseudospectral method (see for example "Chebsyhev and Fourier spectral methods" by John Boyd) to solve for the eigenvalues of differential equations of ...
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