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Need software for generating self-avoiding random walks on a tetrahedral lattice

I am looking for FOSS code that can generate self-avoiding random walk trajectories on a tetrahedral lattice. The purpose of the exercise is to create random conformations of model polymer chains that ...
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Trying to do a 2D random walk for a particle

I am trying to perform a two-dimensional random walk for a particle, but I am not getting the desired result. The plot produced is a linear plot, which obviously should not have been. Similar code for ...
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Running a Random Number generator in parallel? Will this speed up a computation?

I'm calculating basically a multidimensional random walk problem. To get more accuracy, I need larger systems (more dimensions), which requires longer time. To speed up the calculation, I'm delving ...
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In a random walk simulation, how do I get the mean and standard deviation of how many times the walk returns to the origin?

So I'm simulating a 1-dimensional random walk, with 1000 walks that each take 1000 steps. How do I calculate the average number of times that a walker returns to the origin and then the standard ...
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