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Calculating camera calibration matrix with Scilab

I'm not entirely sure whether this question belongs here or in DSP but I think this is the proper site. I'm following these videos (first video, second video) to calibrate a camera for photogrammetry ...
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(Lack of) Availability of Finite-Difference library for simple 2D PDEs

I would like to solve two types of simple 2D problems, namely the stationary heat equation on an L shaped geometry like this: And also compute the magnetostactic field in an air gap of the following ...
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Jacobi iterative method

I'm using Jacobi iterative method for finding eigenvalue and eigenvector for hermitian or symmetric matrix. Eigenvectors corresponding to eigenvalues are not exact. The third eigenvector is totally ...
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Unforeseen behaviour of fix() in Octave and Scilab

I encountered some odd results when using the function fix() in Octave and Scilab. The following is input and output of the Scilab console but the exact same thing happens in Octave. I start with the ...
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Matrix multiplication not working in Scilab

I entered an instruction to calculate the coordinates of a vector after a change of basis in order to repeat it many times with various vectors. X0=[1;1/2] is a ...
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ODE Solving in Scilab

I have a certain ODE problem that needs to be solved using Scilab. dx(1)/dt=k*x(1)-x(5) dx(2)/dt=k2*x(2)-k1*x(1) dx(3)/dt=k1*[x(2)-x(3)] dx(4)/dt=k1*[x(3)-x(4)] <...
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