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Questions tagged [simulation]

Simulation is the process of mimicking the behaviour of a real physical process or system using a representative model.

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Conserving Energy in Physics Simulation with imperfect Numerical Solver

I am creating a C++ Physics Simulation where I need to move an rigid body through an acting force field. Problem: simulation does not conserve energy. Quesiton: abstractly, how is conservation of ...
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18 votes
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Parallel Scientific Computation Software Development Language?

I want to develop a parallel scientific computation software from scratch. I want some thoughts on which language to start. The program involves reading/writing data to txt files and doing heavy ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to solve the stiff equation in this Restricted Three Body Problem numerically?

I've come across a stiff equation in solving the Circular Restricted Three Body Problem. [An object is moving considering the effect of the gravitational forces caused by two gravitational sources ...
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2 answers

Implementing the pressure correction method using finite elements

Ok so I am nearing the completion of my finite element Navier-Stokes solver that uses the $\theta$-method for time stepping and the pressure correction method for the pressure. I am following the ...
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Is there a way to reduce aberration in computations of planets' trajectories?

I don't think the title is very accurate , sorry for that. I simulate bodies in space using two timestep: the TIMESTEP is the Δt wich I use to make the calculation and XTIME is the number of times ...
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Verlet Leap-frog Method of approximating orbits

I found the following simulation of an orbit given the semi-major axis of the ellipse, eccentricity, initial velocity, the mass of the object being orbited, and initial position of the orbiting ...
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3 votes
2 answers

GPU-enabled Lattice Boltzmann solvers?

Is anybody aware of any GPU-enabled Lattice Boltzmann solvers (preferably on C++/OpenCL and open-source) that would be recommended? I have found Advanced Simulation Library, but it seems to be very ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Simulating evolution of comet

I have to present a working 3D simulation of an arbitrary comet in a close proximity to the Sun or to the Jupiter. In specific, I want to simulate comets D/1993 F2 and C/2011 W3, using the theoretical ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What are the alternatives for ABAQUS in generating an *.inp file from a CAD model

ABAQUS gives a .inp file (in pre-processing stage) where the information with regard to the preprocessed model is defined, information such as geometry, mesh type, number of elements, boundary ...
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Using velocity verlet algorithm for nbody simulation results in planet leaving orbit

I'm new to computational physics and attempting an n-Body simulator in java but for some reason the planet in orbit leaves the orbit when it reaches the fastest accelaration aka the closest point to ...
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How do I simulate an open end?

When simulating a partial differential equation describing a physical phenomenon like vibrations on a string, fluid flow in a chamber or quantum wave functions, the most straight-forward way is to ...
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Effective way to build the neighbor's list in MD

I'm trying to implement the following form of the cell/neighbor list method in my MD code. I have divided my simulation box into a fixed number of cells, and according to its positions, I have ...
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