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Softening vs Smoothing Length... Is There a Difference?

I have a simple questions on terminology. Is there a difference between softening length and smoothing length? I have been using the 2 terms interchangeably as the minimum distance between particles ...
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Averaging oscillatory data

I have an oscillatory data generated vs time as shown below. Essentially, I want this data to be averaged and free of any oscillations. I am not satisfied with the results from a simple moving average ...
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How can I reduce the artifact in "Thin Plate Spline" interpolation?

At the Top "right", there is the 2D-density plot of the recorded data (actual), fewer in number. Recorded data has been sampled a on the 8 arms of a regular octagon. These 8 arms are placed ...
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Is there any reliable free/open source tool for structured mesh smoothing?

I have been using Pointwise for grid generation and found the quality of smoothed grids to be stunning. I am not aware of any free/open source alteranative that offers the same capabilities for ...
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How the number of pre-smoothing and post-smoothing steps affect the asymtotic convergence rate of geometrical Multigrid?

Does the convergence rate of multigrid depend on the total number of smoothing steps or on the number of pre and post smoothing steps seperately?
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Fast convergence of smoothing of periodic noise

I have essentially periodic data from a simulation (not exactly periodic but is qualitatively fairly periodic), and I'd like to take an average or noise filter of some sort that I can get a well ...
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What are systematic ways of approximating a non-smooth (non-continuously differentiable) system dynamic to be n-smooth?

I have a system dynamic that is non-smooth because it has several signum and absolute value functions in it (three-tank level control). I can obviously choose different sigmoid functions to ...
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Smoothness regularisation of a 2D field on a triangular mesh?

I'm working on an inverse problem where the solution is the values of a 2D scalar field at the vertices of a 2D triangular mesh, such that the field can be defined continuously inside the mesh via ...
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Prevent single node spikes in a FEM-simulation (using continuous Galerkin)

I am trying to solve a non-linear time-dependent heat equation $$\partial_tT=\nabla \left(k_T(T)\nabla T\right) + f$$ (similar to question Solving a non-linear heat equation with the galerkin method ...
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What is the default smoother for the "PCMG" preconditioner in PETSc?

For a large parallel sparse matrix (mpiaij type matrix) in my code, I was experimenting with various preconditioners to see which one would do best with GMRES/BiCGSTAB. I tried the PCMG ...
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What penalty function produces optimization-based Gaussian smoothing?

I have just read yet another introduction to image processing, which describes Gaussian smoothing from a convolution perspective and least-squares smoothing from an optimization perspective. It would ...
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4 answers

How to "smoothen" (not just refine) a 2D/3D polygonal mesh

Suppose I have a complicated structure given in 2 or 3 dimensions as a polygon mesh. For example, this could represent a "cave" or an assembly of irreguar shaped particles or a tree, whatever. Now I'd ...
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what is the meaning of mesh smoothing steps in Gmsh?

In Gmsh mesh option list ,there is a smoothing concept, what does this mean and what is the effect of its number to the mesh quality?
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Having smoother contour plots in MATLAB

I have a $80\times200$ matrix, and I want to plot its contents with the contourf command in MATLAB, as follows: \begin{align} &\text{[C,h] = contourf(mat,100);}\\ &\text{set(h,'LineColor','...
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Value of density when there are no or very few neighbours in SPH simulation

I am trying to implement SPH using the directions shown in this paper. The density needs to be updated using the formula $$ \rho(\mathbf{x}_i)=\sum_j m_jW_\text{default}(\mathbf{x}_i-\mathbf{x}_j,h) ...
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Scaling factor of the inverse Fourier Transform (for convolution purposes)

I have a certain 2-D function. More properly, I have not the function itself, but the matrices $[X,Y,Z]$, where $X,Y$ are $1\times n$, and $Z$ is $n \times n$. Now, I want to calculate a a new matrix,...
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How to connect two fitted B-spline curve?

I use B-spline curve fitting to obtain one smooth curve. If I obtain two smooth B-spline , how can I connect then smoothly. For example, I have 59 points((x0,y0,z0),...,(x58, y58, z58)) and I have two ...
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Produce one smooth curve on one triangle mesh

I hope to get one smooth curve on one triangle mesh. I get one path on the mesh at first. The path consists of vertices of the mesh. I can see the path from the image below. Each one green dot ...
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How to detect specific behavior in time series?

I was not quite sure what the right SE for this was, so I posted this also here on DSP. Please tell me which one to remove :) Problem statement I have a few hundred unrelated time series, say $P_i(t)...
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Combining trend estimation and constrained Marquart fit

This title certainly needs some clarification: I need to compute parameters $a_i$ for a helper function $f(\vec{a};k)$ (for grid interpolation) which is fitted to a number of values $y_k$ which are ...
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