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Use this tag when seeking recommendations for libraries/programs to solve a particular type of problem. Be sure to include sufficient detail in your question about the specifications you need and to include other tags that clearly identify the type of problem.

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Is there an open-source material database management GUI?

Does somebody know an open-source GUI for the management of a small material database? I have a spreadsheet with some materials in it. Each materials has some temperature-dependent properties like ...
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High quality constrained optimization C++ library with matrix free second order solver?

I'm working with large scale constrained optimization problem. Some of my constraints can be non linear. Currently i'm using IPOPT. Quality is good by my Hessian computation too slow. It seems that i ...
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Software for Smith form or Hermite form of a sparse polynomial matrix

In a current research project, I have a number of matrices with coefficients in ℚ[𝑥] for which I want to understand how their rank depends on the value of the parameter 𝑥. These matrices are: ...
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Sparse generalized symmetric eigensystem solver

Can anyone recommend a good software for solving generalized symmetric eigenvalue problems of the form, $$ A x = \lambda B x $$ where $A,B$ are symmetric and sparse, and $B$ is positive definite? I ...
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Looking for a library for solving convex-convex quadratic fractional programming problems

Is there a library of some programming language (MatLab, C, Python, R, etc.) that includes a function for efficient calculation of convex-convex quadratic fractional programming problems of the form $$...
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A JAVA solver for ODEs with boundary conditions (BVP)

I need to solve a system of linear first order ODEs with boundary conditions in JAVA. I was wondering if any of you know of a JAVA package with the capability of solving a boundary value problems? (i....
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Continuum solutions for the Dirac equation in Coulomb potential - numerical codes

Following the representation used in [1, pag. 11] the solution of the Dirac equation in polar coordinates for energy $E$ is of the type: $$ \psi_{E\kappa m}(\bf{r})= \dfrac{1}{r} \Bigg( \begin{matrix} ...
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Software for solving large systems of linear equations over gf(2)

What available solvers are there for linear equation solver over GF(2) (Boolean), capable of dealing with large sparse systems (in the 10k - 100k variables range)?
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Python package to calculate static force and moments of rigid body

Which Python package is suited for solving problems of the following type? Given the rigid body depicted in violet in the following sketch I would like to do the following: Define cartesian ...
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c++ software packages to solve linear systems subject to constraints

I have a finite element project based on deal.II and cmake/make as build system. I am aware of popular libraries such as deal.II, trilinos, petsc, mumps, superlu_dist,... to solve large sparse linear ...
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Seeking open-source PDE Solver for inhomogeneous material properties

I'm currently in search of an open-source PDE solver (Finite Element Method is preferred) that can effectively handle the challenge of material properties coefficients associated with each element in ...
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(Algorithmic) Differentiation capable Finite Volume Software: Generation Jacobian

I am looking for Finite Volume Software that employs a method-of-lines like approach by constructing from the hyperbolic PDE of form $$\partial_t \boldsymbol u(t,\boldsymbol x) + \nabla \cdot \...
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Fortune algorithm for voronoi diagram

Although there are many algorithms to construct Voronoi diagram, some of them are faster than others. Based on my knowledge Fortune algorithm is fastest for construct Voronoi diagram either in two ...
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Magnetostatic modelling Radia: Increasing distance between magnets a produces positive force until a certain point, beyond which force goes haywire

I have two sets of magnets. One set consists of two electromagnets (Shown below: Blue) and the other set consists of two NdFeB N40 permanent magnets. Both sets of magnets lie on the same plane. I want ...
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Software for easy spherical coordinate plotting from data file

Does anyone have any suggestions for good open source plotting software which has good graphical spherical coordinate plotting (from a data file). I have a three column data file where column 1 is $\...
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Advance a Interpolation

Note; No special knowledge of Pykrige is needed to answer the question, as I already mention examples in the question! Hi I would like to use Universal Kriging in my code. For this I have data that ...
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Simulating a combustion process

I want to try simulation-(and not experimental)-driven approach to design custom fireplace fuel burners. What software applications, libraries, code and model templates can I use to model and ...
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Simulating flow in a branched pipe

I am trying to simulate 1D advection and convection of a solute in the following blood vessel segment. I would like to know if this system can be simulated in COMSOL or MATLAB. I have used pdepe ...
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