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Any code on ALE method for N-S equations or advection-diffusion equations?

I'm currently reading the book computational fluid-structure interaction, but the book doesn't provide any code, and I can't understand the ALE method, could you please provide some codes written in ...
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How to generate mesh for space-time FEM method in FEniCS?

suppose that I have a region called $\Omega $,suppose that this is a 2D or 3D region, how to generate the corresponding space-time mesh by using FEniCS? and how to extract the boundary and implement ...
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Continuous vs discontinuous space-time FEM

What are some reasons for approximating a (e.g. parabolic) PDE using the space-time method, with continuous finite elements in time, vs discontinuous finite elements in time? Are there e.g. ...
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Stability condition for explicit time FEM for parabolic pdes

If we discretize a parabolic pde to obtain the system of ODE's $\frac{\boldsymbol{B}}{\Delta t} \boldsymbol{u}_k = (\boldsymbol{K} + \frac{\boldsymbol{B}}{\Delta t}) \boldsymbol{u}_{k-1} + \boldsymbol{...
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Advantages and disadvantages of space-time finite element methods

I have heard of space-time finite element methods. Although I was able to find some articles that describe the different possible methods from a mathematical point of view (thanks to Space-time finite ...
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Some questions about fractional derivative

I have read some papers about time-fractional PDEs solved by finite element method. The time-fractional derivative is the Caputo derivative defined by $$ \frac{\partial^{\alpha}u}{\partial t^{\alpha}}...
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Space-time Galerkin of Burgers changes the convection speed

tldr: Can space-time Galerkin schemes applied to convection-diffusion problems lead to effects on the convection velocity? For time $t\in (0,1)$ and the spatial variable $\xi \in (0,1)$, I am ...
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