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Decoupling Stokes problem into two problems: velocity and pressure, using FEM

I have seen finite difference methods for fluid equations (Stokes and Navier--Stokes) that solve a pressure problem first and then a fluid problem. That is, although they solve two different problems, ...
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Adding wall friction to a 3D model - Stokes equation

Maybe that is not the best place for the following question, if such, let me know and sorry. I would like to model the flow of expanding bentonite in a fracture following the given reference. In order ...
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Slender body theory for plates? (hydrodynamics, Stokes flow regime)

A basic question on low Reynolds number hydrodynamics. When a slender beam is moved through a fluid, the dynamics may be calculated using slender body theory (e.g. Slender-body theory for slow viscous ...
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Locking phenomena for $P1 - P0$ elements

Consider the Stokes problem and the usual divergence operator $B:V \rightarrow Q'$, $\langle Bv, q\rangle = b(v,q)=(\operatorname{div} v,q)$ and its discrete versione $B_h : V_h \rightarrow Q_h'$. In ...
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Crouzeix-Raviart for Stokes on elasticity form

I have tried to solve the driven cavity problem with incompressible Stokes flow using the standard Crouzeix-Raviart non-conforming P1/P0 element (linear velocity, constant pressure, velocity-nodes at ...
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Unsteady Stokes equations in ALE framework

I'm trying to solve Unsteady Stokes equations on a moving domain, using an ALE formulation, that is $$\frac{\partial \mathbf{u}}{\partial t} - \mathbf{w}\cdot \nabla\mathbf{u} = \nu\Delta\mathbf{u} - \...
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