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Questions tagged [vectorization]

For questions about converting multiple operations a single "vectorized" operation. Example questions might include how to alter code to ensure certain "vectorized" instructions are used.

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Solving tridiagonal Toeplitz system using SIMD instructions

I need to solve many small Toeplitz systems that fit entirely in cache, meaning the computation is compute bound. Are there vectorizable algorithms for this? I found a few older articles: (https://www....
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Converting an expression into an einsum

I have the following expression that I need to calculate for some matrices: $$ \sum_{k}c_{t,i,k}\sigma^\prime\left(w_tX_t+b_t\right)_k\left(\sum_\ell w_{t,k,\ell}\tilde{X}_t^{w,\ell}\right) $$ I could,...
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Help with vectorized computation where vector multiplication would need to create an additional dimension

I want to use vectorized computation (with python and numpy) to do some calculation involving bessel functions. As is often the case, I need to calculate the sums of bessel functions of (infinit) ...
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Vectorize function integration

I need to implement the following in python: For a given discrete time series $Z_t$ ($t={0...T}$), find the smallest $t$ such that: $$c\sum_{s=0}^t e^{[k(Z_t-Z_s)+m(t-s)]} \geq \frac{p^*}{1-p^*} $$ ...
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