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a linear algebra library for computations on GPUs and multi-core CPUs

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Which python library for GPU sparse linear system solver library

I have a fluid dynamic solver written in python which I want to accelerate by moving the most expensive computations to the GPU. Ideally all arrays and sparse matrices used in my code should remain on ...
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I am looking for a complex sparse matrix EigenVector solver for GPGPU; preferably CUDA

So far the closest I've found is ViennaCL, which has a Lanczos implementation for Eigenvalues. It is not clear that EigenVectors are produced by this library. Does anyone here know whether ViennaCL ...
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Understanding OpenCL performance

I'm using ViennaCL's interface to Eigen as a way to leverage OpenCL. Specifically, I'm using the ::viennacl::linalg::bicgstab_tag with an Eigen sparse matrix. ...
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Mathematical Libraries for OpenCL?

I am looking for information from anyone that has tried to use OpenCL in their scientific code. Has anyone tried (recently) ViennaCL? If so, how does it compare to cusp? What about OCLTools? Does it ...
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