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Have ENO/WENO now completely supplanted older methods?

Is it true that ENO/WENO schemes are the "goat" and they completely supplanted the older methods such as Godunov, approximate Riemann solvers, flux limiters etc? Are these old methods only ...
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ENO-Runge-Kutta discretization

One beginner's question about discretization of a Hamilton-Jacobi equation(non-linear) $$ u_t = H(u_x) $$ $u_x$ is discreated with 2nd order ENO-FD 1st order: $D_1^{\pm}u = \pm [u_{x\pm1} - u_x ] / \...
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WENO scheme on the advection of a fluid in a compressible porous media

I am working on reactive transport and I need to solve this advection equation: \begin{align} \frac{\partial (\phi C)}{\partial t} = - \nabla \cdot \big(\vec{q}(\phi) C\big) \end{align} with $\phi$ ...
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Computing Jacobian in WENO scheme for advection in a porous media

I am trying to implement an advection equation for a coupled system of a two-phase flow in a porous media using a WENO scheme [1]. My equation is of the form: \begin{align} \frac{\partial (\phi(x,t) C(...
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WENO Scheme for 1D linear advection equation

I have been stuck for a while now on a WENO scheme implementation and I have a few questions concerning the implementation, but also the theory behind it. For context: I'm currently working on ...
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How to implement Lax-Friedrich flux splitting with WENO scheme

I'm working on modeling a shock wave using the Euler equation with an advanced Equation of state and the fifth order WENO scheme. The equation are set up on the form: \begin{equation} \frac{\partial U}...
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What exactly are WENO schemes and where are they used?

I am currently trying to understand what WENO schemes are and most of the literature on web talks about cell-face reconstruction. What I am unable to understand is the origin of these discontinuities ...
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