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Questions on how to communicate the outcome of computational science

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Why don't we call the simulation "a model for ..."?

When a set of model equations, e.g. some coupled differential equations, has solutions that behave in ways similar to real-life phenomena such as blood flow in the heart, a wave movement, or a plate ...
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Is saying "math modeling and numerical simulation" wordy and redundant?

I'm describing some work on my website, and I'm wondering if my math modeling and computer simulation work is described ok: I say math modeling and numerical simulation. Should I say "...
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2 votes
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When writing a research article, how to deal with deviations from theoretical expectations due to numerical errors?

We research the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Usually, there exists turbulence, which will cause the time-varying measurement of the force. The unsteady flow field determines we could not get a ...
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