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What is the advantage of using a particular RK Scheme?

You're looking only at the errors themselves and not other properties of the solution. There are sometimes good cases to consider lower-order schemes because they better preserve important ...
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8 votes

What is the advantage of using a particular RK Scheme?

There are lots of different properties which can be found in different time stepping schemes of the same order of accuracy: Different stability properties. While it may not appear that way with the ...
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2 votes

How to quantify the numerical diffusion term in a second-order upwind advection scheme?

The approach I would try here is that of a modified equation. I am not sure if it goes through for you full problem as your transport speed appears to change with $k$ and $t$. But I will outline how ...
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Discontinuous Galerkin for transport equation with non-constant advection

If the exact solution of the transport problem is not smooth, the numerical solutions using the continuous finite element method may exhibit spurious oscillations around the discontinuity. As you said,...
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