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Determine image of hypercube under linear map

I eventually found an answer. The image of a hypercube in $\Bbb R^3$ under a linear map is called a zonohedron. They can be calculated efficiently, for example using the algorithm in An Efficient ...
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Name this optimum-within-convex-hull algorithm: State is a convex combination of hull vertices; Nonnegativity ensured by reparameterization

I don't know of any name for this. There are several algorithms, e.g. Newton trust region methods, that have convergence guarantees for convex optimization problems with linear inequality constraints. ...
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2 votes

Min supporting line of a set of points

Given a set of $n$ points $\mathcal{P}$ in the 2-dimensional plane, consider the convex hull $\text{chull}(\mathcal{P}) = p_1 p_2 \dots p_h p_1$, with the boundary represented as a cycle comprised of $...
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Find the smallest convex hull that enclose an arbitrary point

It's often best to start with the simplest, easiest-to-implement algorithm you can think of to test that your intuition on a problem is correct and that what you've built will match what you need. In ...
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2 votes

Find the smallest convex hull that enclose an arbitrary point

I don't understand the downvote, the community bot should have been smarter. Anyway, here is a very quick and dirty method. First of all, a convex hull can be discretized into triangles using its ...
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2 votes

Min supporting line for a set of points

You're allowed an algorithm that computes the hull. If this means an algorithm that computes the convex polygon then I would say consider the lines defined by adjacent points on that polygon. I think ...
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1 vote

How to formulate the convex hull which is a regular polygon on the complex plane

If you have a general set of points and want to compute its convex hull, the best option is to use an algorithm that is already implemented and tested in a library. Qhull is probably the best option, ...
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