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8 votes

Estimation of viscosity from critical properties

You can use Plot Digitizer and extract the data points in your image graph as a xml file and then you can parse it by using Python. It's pretty straightforward. You need to import the image of your ...
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Finding a best fit line for the upper bound on an $x$ vs $y$ relationship

We can formulate the task of finding a straight line bounding the cloud of data points as constructing a straight line that touches the data set at least at two points, and the rest of the data points ...
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3 votes

Sources for verified Voronoi and power diagrams

The most trivial pointsets are regular grid of points. They look innocent, but are the most difficult to handle in Voronoi/Laguerre codes because the Delaunay triangulation is non-unique, so they can ...
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Where can one obtain good data sets/test problems for testing algorithms/routines?

If you're looking for large graphs or network data to test on. The Stanford Network Analysis Project (SNAP) has many large graph datasets typically in the form of an anonymized adjacency list. Some of ...
1 vote

How to generate p Sample of GGM of dimension m, for parameter : the weight, the means and the covariance?

Pick an integer i at random with probability p_i, the i-th weight. Then sample from the corresponding multidimensional Gaussian ...
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1 vote

Converting ROOT Tree to HDF5

You might want to give a try to DataHarvester. This tool claims to support ROOT, HBOOK, HDF, XML, SQLITE and input/output between them. See the following publication: W. Waltenberger, G. Richter, ...
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1 vote

Physical data for heat equation

The problem you proposes must be treated with care. The function $f$ must have zero mean in the domain $\Omega$,i.e. $$\int_\Omega{f\, dV}=0$$ Otherwise the problem is not well posed. Physically the ...
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1 vote

Efficient Representation of (spatially sparse) spatial time series

The dataset is huge. So I would like to be more memory-efficient. The main point to consider is the following: […] most of the cells will be “unactivated”, i.e most of the elements of the matrix will ...
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1 vote

Similarity of two CSV files (or more?)

Useful inclusion measures depend on whether you want to check pairwise similiarity or containment. For similiarity the Jaccard index is intuitive. For containment I would adapt it to ...
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