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How to document math formulations in scientific computing codes?

I prefer using doxygen that supports C++ and LaTeX comments, both inline and as separate equations. This way, you will keep your comments, including, say, the rigorous mathematical formulation of the ...
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Matlab eigs function with function handle

This is for algorithms like Lanzcos-Arnoldi or Krylov-Schur, as mentioned in the reference part of the documentation page. Generally these are Krylov-space generalizations of the power iteration, ...
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Matlab eigs function with function handle

The non-function handle version of the eigs function assumes that the A-matrix (and optionally the B-matrix) are defined as matlab sparse matrices and operated on using matlab sparse matrix functions. ...
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Does some form of documentation of GMSH exist?

Currently there is a GMSH API in the works: Also, there are rumors that there will be a fully documented API by version 4.0. In short, there is ...
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