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Matlab eigs function with function handle

The non-function handle version of the eigs function assumes that the A-matrix (and optionally the B-matrix) are defined as matlab sparse matrices and operated on using matlab sparse matrix functions. ...
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Matlab eigs function with function handle

This is for algorithms like Lanzcos-Arnoldi or Krylov-Schur, as mentioned in the reference part of the documentation page. Generally these are Krylov-space generalizations of the power iteration, ...
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Numerical continuation of all eigenvalues of small, dense matrices

I think a good direction would be to look at continuation of eigenvectors/invariant subspace, not just the eigenvalues. You could proceed as follows: calculate schur form: $A(q_i) = Q(q_i)T(q_i)Q(q_i)...
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Why are all eigen solvers iterative?

There is simply no closed-form expression in terms of the four operations and radicals for the eigenvalues of a matrix greater than $4\times 4$. This follows from the facts that (1) there are ...
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