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Questions about the finite element method software FEniCS and its subpackages (Dolfin, UFL, FFC).

FEniCS is a collection of open source software for the numerical solution of partial differential equations using finite elements. It provides interfaces in C++ and Python (via the package DOLFIN).

Questions tagged should be concerned with the use of FEniCS for solving specific problems in computational science (e.g., how to implement a specific partial differential equation or boundary condition, or how to use FEniCS in optimization routines).

Questions about problems when using FEniCS (e.g., error messages when compiling/linking/running C++/Python code, explanation of Form or Expression syntax, clarifications on interfaces) belong on the FEniCS Q&A site. Until May 2013, FEniCS related issues were discussed on launchpad, and you may also find answers there.

Before posting a question, please make sure to check the documentation to see if it already addresses your issue. In particular, you might want to consult (in order of thoroughness)

  1. the documented demos in Python, C++
  2. the tutorial,
  3. the manual (in particular Chapter 4.4, which covers the UFL syntax for forms and expressions),
  4. the FEniCS book.

(Note that most of these (except demos) were written for version 1.0.0 -- current as of June 2014 is 1.4.0).