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How to derive the deformation matrix $F$ of axisymmetric problem?

The derivation of the deformation matrix can be seen in deformation matrix then for the derivation of symmetric gradient matrix and spatial matrix, note that we can write any displacement and test ...
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Getting singular matrices for lid driven cavity problem

Concerning why the GMRES finds a solution even if the matrix is singular (or nearly so), GMRES is able to find solutions of singular systems, under some conditions on the range and null space of the ...
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(Isoparametric) Mapping of physical coordinates to their equivalent parametric coordinates on a reference element

You perform the mapping the same way you evaluate fields at arbitrary positions in the element. Let's start with a nodal FEM method. Suppose you have a set of interpolation functions $\phi_i(r,s)$. ...
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Source for scalability challenge for number of finite element nodes per process

That sort of numbers come from simulations in an MPI distributed memory context. Let's say you're doing some iterative solver and you alternate a simple grid update with some border exchange. The grid ...
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