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A priori estimates in finite elements for inhomogeneous heat equation

Take a look at the papers by Vidar Thomee. Maybe Jim Bramble also has something. This would have been done in the 1970s and 1980s, maybe going into the 1990s. You will probably find that the points ...
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How can I define an equipotential surface/volume in FEniCS?

This does not easily fit into a PDE formulation because it is a nonlocal constraint. But for all practical aspects, choosing a very large permittivity is usually good enough. Just choose it several ...
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Applying Stress Boundary Conditions in Commercial Finite Element Analysis Codes

First, let us properly describe the boundary conditions of your problem. You have the following: Fixed/encastre. The left hole is fixed and displacements are zero there. These boundary conditions are ...
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What FEM solver should be used for matrix-valued FE spaces?

This is a fairly standard elliptic problem (the operator is of the form $-\Delta - \text{grad}\,\text{div}$). It is vector-valued (in fact matrix-valued) in the same way as the elasticity equations ...
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