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In the Navier-Stokes equations, you can't prescribe the pressure on the boundary (or part of it). That's just not a physical thing, nor mathematically correct. The only thing you can prescribe is the traction, i.e., the normal component of the stress, which is given by $$ \mathbf t = (-\nu \nabla \mathbf u + pI) \mathbf n. $$ For example, you could ...


The GPU consists of several streaming multiprocessors. Each SM has 64-96kB of shared memory that can be accessed by up to 1024-2048 threads. This shared memory allows these threads to communicate. To communicate between SMs you must write to and read from the GPU's global memory, which is 4-32GB in size. But it is best to think of your problem as consisting ...


The condition you are looking for is $\nabla \cdot \mathbf{b} = 0$, whenever that is provided by the vector field, your density is preserved. Do you have an explicit example in mind?

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