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Questions on the theory of distributed numerical algebraic computation

Building such a library from scratch is a serious undertaking. The SLATE library, which targets the functionality you're looking at, has taken about 6 years with 4-7 full-time developers, most of ...
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PhD in scientific computing to be a scientific programmer

I think you are asking the wrong question. You are asking "do I need a PhD for folks to hire me as a scientific programmer?" This is a kind of hypothetical. You're asking and getting ...
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Approximately, at any given time, what proportion of the world's total HPC resources are dedicated towards inverting matrices?

The number is almost certainly unverifiable because every HPC system's overall user community is different and because there are so many systems around. I think that the number is vastly smaller than ...
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Problems on the algebraic theory of sparse matrices

your question is too general. It is very to hard to give specific advice. I will suggest you two books that you can use as first references, but they may not help much in terms of GPU computing for ...
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PhD in scientific computing to be a scientific programmer

If your goal is to become a programmer at the company X that creates the scientific software Y, then sure: do a PhD in a field that uses software Y. Several of my colleagues who used and extended the ...
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row and column based distributed LU factorization

The analysis for the 2d process or device grid case carries over to the 1d grid case, just set one of your dimensions to 1. However, using a 2d grid will scale significantly better. So, I'd recommend ...
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