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Prof Lawrence Shampine's hpde matlab code

There is a zip archive on the Wayback Machine from Shampine’s homepage in 2010:
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ode23, 45, 15s, 15i in matlab for conservative ODEs

None of those ODE solvers are conservative*. For a conservative integrator you typically need a symplectic integrator. There are implementations of various symplectic integrators on Matlab file ...
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Educational Purpose: How to synchronize chaotic systems

The exact manner in which you couple the systems seems to be the issue here. This can be done for the Lorenz system. Consider the coupled Lorenz systems given by $$ \begin{aligned} \dot{x}_1 &= \...
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Multivariable Newton's method for-loop

It's not entirely clear from the way the question is worder but I guess the idea is given 3 circle equations to find the intersection point of the 3 circles (if it exists). That is: $$\begin{cases} \|...
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