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Projectile Motion Simulation with Aerodynamics using Euler's Method

You are not updating the angle in your simulation as the velocity vector is changing. Here is a modified version of your 'animate' function and the result. ...
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why do i receive this error?

Alright I've taken a closer look a the code. One first advice that I could give you is to try to understand how the code works. It is very easy to understand that the for-loop is a time loop, i.e. the ...
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Plot of a function involving an integral and value changing parameters

Your function func(rho, gamma) takes two arguments while you pass only one (I think none). That is what your error tells you. Recheck where you use ...
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Plotting ratings matrix

I was able to do it this way though it may had been easier to plot it the way Federico has mentioned before: imagesc(A). I declared an A matrix of zeros of mxn dimension and then loaded the ratings. ...
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Animation using matplotlib

There are two similar questions: Animation moving point error and How to animate a scatter plot on StackOverflow. Both were answered with some example code for you to try.
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create a heavyside function with any value on python

What happens as you add more points to your domain near $x=x_c$? Also, many (most, all(?)) definitions of the Heaviside step function give a value of the mean of the extremes at the transition point, ...
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How to plot a heatmap under a curve?

I answered a similar question in StackOverflow. The main "trick" is to transform your grid before plotting. For example, using the following transformation \begin{align} &t' = t\, ,\\ &x' = ...
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