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How to generate mesh for space-time FEM method in FEniCS?

First of all, for FEniCS specific questions please refer to the official FEniCS forum. In my opinion, your question can be answered irrespective of your FEM library of choice. There are two ...
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Gmsh problems in Google Colab, visualize mesh

The graphical user interface (GUI) of Gmsh was written in FLTK. This is for desktop systems, therefore, the Gmsh GUI will not be embedded in Jupyter notebooks (including Google Colab). If you run your ...
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AMR-Capable meshing software that is not based on quad/octrees

deal.II can subdivide cells in ways that are not geometrically 2:1, but "graded" in certain directions. It does this by "mapping" the new mid-points of edges and cells in non-...
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Generating unstructured finite volume mesh

“Finite volume” and “finite element” refer to ways of discretizing functions and operators over a mesh. The mesh generation itself is not strictly a part of either method and the same mesh can be used ...
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Why FVM can handle unstructured meshes while FDM cannot?

You can use FD too, and it is very straight forward... fit a polynomial to neighboring cells or nodes, differentiate and use... It is very efficient as it's not tight by the use of the control volume, ...
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