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Global convergence behavior of several Krylov solvers in scipy.opt

Try bicgstab, not cgs. Be careful with tol and atol; what values did you use ? SVD of your various solutions, matrices say <...
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Numerical computation of Lyapunov exponents: how to find convergence or non-convergence efficiently?

The object to analyze is the step Jacobian $$ I+J_k\,dt. $$ $J_k$ should correctly be $\nabla_x\Phi_F(t_k,x_k,dt)$, the Jacobian of the step update $x_k+\Phi_F(t_k,x_k,dt)\,dt$, but in a pinch can be ...
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Has there been a comparison bewteen SIMPLE/SIMPLER and JFNK for steady CFD?

Below is a similar case in which a coupled method is compared with a SIMPLE-like segregated one. The author showed an impressive acceleration of convergence. Darwish I. et al., A Coupled ...
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