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ODEs solved by physics-informed neural networks

Yes, I believe it is possible. For the ODE you showed, one would minimize a loss of the following form $$ \mathcal{L} = w_{init}\mathcal{L}_{init} + w_{pde}\mathcal{L}_{pde} $$ where $\mathcal{L}_{...
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Can I combine the backward and forward euler methods - simialr to modified euler method?

You can construct an ODE solver out of basically any set of function evaluations you want. The better question to ask is what makes a good combination? This is a topic that has had a lot of research, ...
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Raman model equations using RK4

While writing the method you should have gotten doubts: k1,k2,... updates Ps r1,r2,... updates Pp q1,q2,... updates Ns v1,v2,... updates Np This is realized in your code in the naming of the ...
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