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Are penalty functions still "necessary"?

It is true that the penalty function method is quite old (Richard Courant, “Variational methods for the solution of problems of equilibrium and vibrations”, 1943), but your success with using INFINITY,...
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stupid + stupid = brilliant in scientific computing

Gauss-Seidel solvers can be presented as Jacobi iteration solvers where one has made the "bug" of overwriting into a single vector instead of using two separate buffers as in a correct ...
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6 votes

Algorithm to find local minima of function which is unbounded from below

If the "basin of attraction" for the best local minimum occupies 1% of the volume of the bounding box, then the following strategy suffices: Repeat a few hundred times: Pick a random ...
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Why researchers use MATLAB based YALMIP or CasADi for MPC?

Yalmip and CasADi are much more flexible tools that permit translating the problem into many solvers languages.
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Is there existing code for solving a Lagrangian Dual problem using the subgradient method?

One example of this would be the DSP software package developed at Argonne National Labs:
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