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How can I efficiently find an anti-symmetric generator of a special orthogonal matrix?

As I had noted in comments (now deleted), the problem is when you have eigenvalues equal to $-1$; those must come in pairs, since $\det O = 1$. If $O = \begin{bmatrix}-1 \\ & -1\end{bmatrix}$, ...
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How to separate text from the paper on a black and white page?

One could imitate the approach in Dropbox's Blog Post - Fast Document Rectification and Enhancement: $$ \arg \min_{ J \left( x, y \right) } \sum_{x, y} \left\| J \left( x, y \right) - 255 \right\|_{2}^...
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optimize this python code that involves matrix inversion

Since S is SPD, you can (and should) use np.linalg.cholesky to get a cholesky factorization which will be ~2x faster than the LU ...
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