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Questions on the theory of distributed numerical algebraic computation

Building such a library from scratch is a serious undertaking. The SLATE library, which targets the functionality you're looking at, has taken about 6 years with 4-7 full-time developers, most of ...
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Improvement to naive gradient descent implementation for the Thomson problem

Instead of using einsum to get compiled loops, one could also first use the provided tools of numpy for elementary array ...
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What is the fastest way to compute all eigenvalues of a very big and sparse adjacency matrix in python?

Also as an update to Daniel Shaperos answer: If you have a GPU (doesn't matter if NVidia or AMD) available, you can try cupy. Many numpy and scipy functions are available and can be used by replacing ...
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Calculating Madelung constant via Ewald summation

There are a number of issues here (as I noted in the comments) Firstly you have the maths wrong in a number of places, both in the question and the implementation. The correct final formula should be $...
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