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What algorithm does CVXPY actually use to solve semidefinite programs with the constraints of the form $\sum\limits_i E_iXE_i^T \succ B$?

Cvxpy cannot solve SDPs by it itself. It feeds the problem into an optimizer such as Mosek. Therefore, you should consult the documentation of the optimizer you are using. Btw it is trivial to convert ...
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Solving numerically the 1D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation using spectral methods

Thanks for the code but when I try the code with T = 1000, it is not stable. When I add u_hat[:,j+1] = (1 / nx) * np.fft.fftshift(np.fft.fft(u[:,j+1])) which ...
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gmsh python api ignores quad mesh option

Based on the comment from Biswajit Banerjee (above) I determined that I was missing mesh recombine option: gmsh.option.setNumber("Mesh.RecombineAll", 1) ...
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How to ensure the numeric value is always positive in Optimization Python?

$ \def\bbR#1{{\mathbb R}^{#1}} \def\a{\alpha}\def\b{\beta}\def\l{\lambda} \def\o{{\tt1}}\def\p{\partial} \def\LR#1{\left(#1\right)} \def\diag#1{\operatorname{diag}\LR{#1}} \def\Diag#1{\operatorname{...
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