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Numerically computing envelope of Gibbs oscillation

The reason seems Hilbert transform works the best for signals like $x(t)=a\cos(\phi(t))$, where $a$ may change mildly. In your last case, this $a$ is not in this scenario. You can try to apply your ...
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Large set of nonlinear equations in Sympy

I tried rewriting your code to use scipy.optimize.fsolve. ...
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Solving non-linear partial differential equation numerically: $u_{xx}+u_{yy}=\mathrm{e}^{u}$

You can use something like MethodOfLines.jl to solve your problem. You can modify the following example, something like this ...
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Does anyone know how to add a forcing term at the center of a cicular membrane?

Once again, my mates and I have successfully deciphered how to tackle this. It's worth noting that when introducing the forcing term, altering 'i' impacts the radial position, while adjusting 'j' ...
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Need help with the python code: Calculating Madelung constant CsCl crystal structure

Seems like you double count when accounting for offset. ...
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