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Running a Random Number generator in parallel? Will this speed up a computation?

The random number generator is rarely the limiting factor in computational science. RNGs are usually quite simple and fast, a few dozen instructions, really. If you are doing anything even remotely ...
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In a random walk simulation, how do I get the mean and standard deviation of how many times the walk returns to the origin?

At the moment, you aren't tracking the number of times a walk reaches zero or even if a walk reaches zero at any point. Your Move function returns the last position ...
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Trying to do a 2D random walk for a particle

You are only moving in one direction for each axis. ...
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Need software for generating self-avoiding random walks on a tetrahedral lattice

I fixed the compilation issues in the Roulattice package you mentioned and it now compiles and seems to do stuff. Most of the issues were easily solvable, though there's an uninitialized memory error ...
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