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What are the guidelines for conducting computational experiments?

A lot has been written about how to design, execute, and report the results of computational experiments. This has obvious connections with open source software and the broader "open science" ...
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How to compare runtimes of two algorithms in a reproducible way

To make more robust comparisons (on linux), you can : 1) On Intel CPUs the turbo overclocks your CPU. This is controlled by the temperature of the CPU, so it can behave differently from one run to ...
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How to record hardware and software info in Julia?

I would've posted this in a comment, but I unfortunately don't have enough reputation. This answer (https://stackoverflow.com/a/42610074/9796552) should provide enough to help you achieve what you ...
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Python bifurcation diagram of seasonally forced epidemiological models

Recently in https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/4542008/how-to-loop-parameter-a-in-henon-map I came into contact with the idea of an "adiabatically gliding" parameter where one gets the ...
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Lab Notebooks for Computational Science

As Paul mentioned in his comment, git and public hosting sites like Github and Gitlab are invaluable for keeping track of the development history of computational projects. A few concrete examples of ...
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How reproducible are conda environments?

There are more possibilities, e.g. Sharing a Docker image containing the full conda environment, including all packages and associated code Sharing a virtual machine image containing either the ...
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What would be the most helpful way to write code for a paper so that readers can clearly match the results to the code that generates them?

The LaTeX package minted provides very extensive syntax highlighting (based on Pygments) and allows cross-referencing in both directions. You can escape to LaTeX from within the code part (the minted ...
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Deterministic SIR metapopulation model and coupling behavior

My implementation approximately reproduces the figure if I reverse the terms of the time lag calculation. Per comments, time lag is normally computed as $T_2 = T_1 + lag$, therefore $lag = T_2 - T_1$. ...
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