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Truncated power series algebra implementation

Julia TPSA.jl being developed at Should be operational soon.
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AMR-Capable meshing software that is not based on quad/octrees

deal.II can subdivide cells in ways that are not geometrically 2:1, but "graded" in certain directions. It does this by "mapping" the new mid-points of edges and cells in non-...
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Sparse Matrix Library for GPU

Look at cupy. It supports basically all common sparse formats along with the common operations.
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Simple, easy to install and use Python FEM solver (and example) for 2D cylindrical Laplace equation

You did not provide all the details so I made some assumptions. First, assuming symmetry in $\theta$, the Laplace equation in cylindrical coordinates reads $$\partial_r^2 u + \frac{1}{r} \partial_r u +...
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c++ software packages to solve linear systems subject to constraints

deal.II has a tutorial showing how to solve the obstacle problem, which has one-sided bounds constraints, using an active set approach. PETSc also has a variational inequality solver SNESVINEWTONRSLS ...
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