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then I don't know what determines the radius of the rainbow in the sky The angular radius of the rainbow depends only of the refractive index of rain water. Regardless of where you are, it's always about 42° for primary bow and about 51° for secondary bow. Exact values of radii depend on frequency of light. The center of the rainbow is opposite to the Sun. ...


A rainbow forms an arc which is part of a circle. When viewing a rainbow, if you face the center of the rainbow, the sun will be at your back. A beam of sunlight which goes past your head goes to the center of the circle. Other beams, parallel to that one, go into the rain and are reflected back to your eye. For each color, there is a particular angle of ...


Are any of these 18 acceptable? The 30 lines of code is written by Fabrice Neyret on Shadertoy


so I figured it out, here's the full code, this will generate the convoluted three gaussian curve as well as the excitation for the start. import math import numpy as np import matplotlib as mpl import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Import curve fitting package from scipy from scipy.optimize import curve_fit def GammP(lnc, g): return lnc/g def Gamm(alpha): ...

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