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WENO Scheme for 1D linear advection equation

As @SpencerBryngelson has pointed out, the scheme doesn't work, because of the Euler time integration method. One should rather use RK-3 (or maybe RK-2) (see for instance these excellent notes: https:/...
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How to implement Lax-Friedrich flux splitting with WENO scheme

I think you mean with Lax-Friedrichs the local Lax-Friedrichs or Rusanov scheme [1], [2] where the wave speeds (left & right-going) are given by the maximum eigenvalue $\lambda_\max := \max_i | \...
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What exactly are WENO schemes and where are they used?

In numerical solution of differential equations, WENO (weighted essentially non-oscillatory) methods are classes of high-resolution schemes. WENO are used in the numerical solution of hyperbolic ...
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