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For questions involving 3D spatial data. Should ideally be used for questions where the 3D nature of the problem is a particular challenge, rather than just any question involving 3D data.
35 questions
4 questions
For questions about characterizing or improving the accuracy of a computational method.
68 questions
For questions about AMR, a technique for dynamically updating the precision of a grid to ensure a certain accuracy for a given region.
64 questions
19 questions
9 questions
To move in some direction (as a fluid does in a pipe). Often contrasted with diffusion, which is a spreading out without necessarily having any movement of the field as a whole.
101 questions
Questions related to solving the advection-diffusion equation using numerical methods, including derivation and implementation of boundary conditions.
114 questions
A description of the specific steps needed to solve a particular problem in an unambiguous way, expressed in an abstract form.
573 questions
0 questions
A method of finding nearly-optimal solutions to a problem. Generally, this terminology is applied to algorithms and heuristics for solving NP-Hard problems in computer science.
106 questions
10 questions
7 questions
22 questions
Assembly language (asm) programming questions with application to scientific computing. DO NOT USE for questions on finite-element method, use [finite-element] instead.
4 questions
Often referred to as Algorithmic-Differentiation or AD -- a technique to automatically generate code that evaluates the derivative of a function. AD repeatedly applies the chain rule and classical rul…
42 questions
Problems with axial (radial) symmetry that arise in cylindrical geometries (can also be hollow).
4 questions
0 questions
Referring to sparse matrices with concentrations of non-zero elements along a combination of diagonals, subdiagonals, and/or superdiagonals.
35 questions
A linearly independent set of elements of a vector space such that any element in that vector space can be expressed as a linear combination of the elements of the basis.
33 questions
For questions about best/common practices for benchmarking the performance of computational code.
23 questions
0 questions
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Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms - A standard API library with vector-vector, matrix-vector, and matrix-matrix operations.
84 questions
14 questions
For questions regarding the choice and/or appropriateness of conditions necessary to model a particular phenomenon with a partial differential equations.
417 questions
For questions related to computational software and libraries written in the C programming language
137 questions
For questions about writing C++ computational code or utilizing libraries written with C++.
334 questions
2 questions
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