Researcher & Programmer. Interested in Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, Information Visualization and Semantic Multimedia. I work mostly with JavaScript, Python and Java. My interest in programming languages (especially dynamic ones) has led me to test/benchmark lots of programming languages and frameworks like Ruby + Ruby On Rails, Groovy + Grails, Scala, and others. Before my PhD I worked as a Java programmer for a number of years in different outsourcing companies from Romania. After I started my PhD studies I discovered they required me to travel a lot (summer schools, workshops, conferences, etc) and at some point I moved to Austria to take a position of Researcher since it was more in line with my new interests. Here I became interested in force directed layouts, charts, diagrams, 3D visualizations in the browser, high performance JavaScript and other visualization topics. Since both my work and my PhD are concerned with Semantic Web, my articles and most of the projects I work for are related to this area. From the semantic stack of technologies I use Sesame, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, reasoning (rules languages, DSLs, different OWL flavours).

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