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Not enough memory for GMRES
3 votes

From what I can see, on a normal machine, you would run out of memory if you are using a Dense matrix. The implementation you indicated in the question uses a dense matrix ( storing all the matrix ...

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Weighted Gauss-Seidel Algorithm
2 votes

I will try to provide an intuitive understanding - The jacobi updates typically overshoot the original solution and hence we weight the updates to converge better. The Gauss Seidel updates typically ...

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solving underdetermined system of equations with a sparse matrix as input
1 votes

It depends on the sparsity pattern. As a first point, did you define your matrix as a sparse matrix, because Matlab has a different suite of operations that it applies to sparse matrices, compared to ...

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Rearrange a dense distance matrix to a 2x2 non-perfect block diagonal form
0 votes

I have encountered a very similar situation, although in a different field. When dealing with sparse matrices, there are few cases where the elements are present only on the diagonals / in bands ...

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2nd order centered finite-difference approximation of $u_{xy}$
-1 votes

The discretization presented is of second order accuracy. To look at it intuitively, both the first derivatives in x and y are taken using central difference, which puts their order of accuracy at 2. ...

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