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Scientific Programming Contests
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One alternative would be top coder data science competitions. It doe not fit your description, but you can encounter very often contests which are a combination of algorithms - combinatorial - ...

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How to compute the determinant of a permutation matrix
2 votes

If you have a linear description of the permutation vector then you can solve it in O(n) time. What you have to do is to compute the size of the cycles in the permutations. From the sizes $s_j$ you ...

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Given x,y,z data of a periodic object, calculate the period of the object (if possible)
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If your data is measured at discrete equal time intervals then you can measure the autocorrelation at different lags. This is the standard correlation between your time series starting at 0 ending at ...

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Algorithm to find most similar elements in several groups
Accepted answer
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Here is a solution. We assume the numbers from groups are sorted. We start with the following observation: any candidate solution will have the smallest number and the biggest number. To simplify we ...

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