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Currently I work as a software test engineer. My work involves both automation testing, manual, E2E & exploratory testing. I am decent in writing BDD automation scripts using Java, Robot framework in conjunction with Selenium and/or Appium libs. I have good command in speaking and writing English which are proven by daily scrum meeting with European customer and obtaining 6.5 band score in IELTS.

During my leisure time, I develop some cool stuffs for Computation Fluid Dynamics which is the field that my previous job focused on, for which I spent nearly 3 years of full time working. My responsibility for that job was to maintain and develop new modules for a RANS solver written mainly in Fortran 95. That solver was really cool because it had an automatic meshing tool by Cartesian cut cell approach.

I had 3 months oversea experience by doing Master thesis in Jean Leray Mathematics Laboratory, University Of Nantes, France. Those were my most memorable moments.

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