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For questions about publishing computational research (e.g. best practices for presenting figures/data/code, finding venues for certain types of research)

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Looking for non-trivial examples of solutions to 3D wave equations?

We have developed a (new) numerical scheme to solve the classical wave equation in 3 dimensions and we aim to publish the results. We can read in the aim and scope of the journal of computational and ...
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Are there techniques for interpreting practical viability of some method?

Are there techniques for interpreting practical viability of some method? That is, if one comes across some mentioned technique, then is there some way to gauge, how much prevalence it has for ...
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Guidelines for publishing data from a stochastic simulation

So, my question is if one should ideally keep a record of all seeds that are used when publishing numerical work that involves one or more random number generators (e.g. a stochastic simulation), and ...
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Can one publish a new model and simulation without physical experiments?

When I read strong papers from, say, the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, a simple model, simulations and physical experimental results are given, showing good agreement. Can one publish a new model and ...
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How to report non-monotonic runtimes in convergence plots

Let's say I have an algorithm that can be tuned by a parameter $h>0$ and is expected to converge as $h\to 0$. I want to study the computational complexity of this algorithm, i.e., how the ...
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Journals that publish theoretical analyses of existing algorithms

In computational physics, the vast majority of papers has the following structure They propose some new algorithm, or improvement to an existing one They give numerical examples, ideally comparing ...
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Publishing a software package along with a paper: licensing

I want to publish the software package I've written for my graduate work along with a paper describing the package. So far I've been considering liberal licenses such as BSD. However, I am now aware ...
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Correct statistics for reporting speedup results

Say I have slow and fast versions of some code, and want to report a speedup number comparing the two. I run the slow version $n$ times and the fast version $m$ times, producing times $(s_1, \ldots, ...
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How many lines of code one needs to write to be able to write a paper?

This question interests me for a while. At one extreme, I found papers, and some thesis that were outcome of change of a single parameter in a CFD code, like in the case of "Atmospheric boundary ...
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What is currently the "top" research in computational science?

I debated between asking this question here and in the Academia stack exchange, but decided Computational Science was the most capable of answering the question. I'm a new graduate student (~1 ...
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Increasing the archival longevity of code

Is there a published list of best practices to ensure longevity of code, with an eye towards reproducible scientific results? (e.g. open source, documentation practices, selecting dependencies, ...
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good (free) software for producing publishable images?

I am producing 1d and 2d images using Matlab right now for comparison of accuracy against a given model. I need to compare my methods with the standard Gaussian .wfn model and I am going to do that by ...
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How should I report profiling/timing information about my code?

I've seen a lot of publications in Computational Physics journals use different metrics for the performance of their code. Especially for GPGPU code, there seems to be a great variety of timing ...
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Alternatives to Journal of Computational Physics

The Journal of Computational Physics has been an important outlet for computational science in the past, and I have published there before. For the benefit of those (like me) who have signed the ...
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Reporting curve-fit results in a scientific paper

(I hope this question fits this site; if not, accept my apologies). I ran a certain simulation, and got a time series y(t), t = 0, 1, ... 20. After trying some functions, I found that: ...
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What material should I include with a journal article (or post online) in order to make my computational research reproducible?

Reproducibility has become more and more important in computational science research. (For instance, see this article by Roger Peng in Science; I'm aware of other such articles and web sites also.) ...
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reverse-lookup Digital Object Identifier given table of citations? [closed]

I asked this question on stackoverflow a few weeks ago, but have not gotten a useable answer, even after a colleague added a 150pt bounty. Is it possible to query the doi for each record in a table ...
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Dictionaries in pseudocode

What is a good, common way to express dictionaries (= maps) in pseudocode? I.e. datastructures that basically allow to store values for keys, iterate over all key/value pairs, test for inclusion of a ...
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Open-access journals in Computational Science

In light of the recent petition to boycott Elsevier, I was wondering what options we have in Computational Science for Journals which are completely open-access, Journals which allow/support open-...
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Which journals should I read to keep up on advances in solving PDEs numerically?

I solve a lot of PDEs numerically, but applied math isn't my field. I haven't picked up on which applied math journals I should read to keep up with recent developments in the field. What are good ...
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Is there a standard rating system for scientific journal publications?

I have heard that some journals are rated more highly than others. Is this true? And if so, what are the criteria for judging the value of one peer reviewed journal over another? How do I find out ...
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What is the best way to do reproducible research if you need proprietary libraries?

Reproducible research in computation aims to make the code needed to generate the results in a computational paper available to other researchers so that they can run this code to reproduce the ...
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How to link code to publications

Scholarly papers in scientific computing (and many other fields, nowadays) typically involve some amount of code or even whole software packages that were written specifically for that paper or were ...
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Venues for publishing papers that emphasize software

Software is a fundamental part of computational science, and is increasingly recognized as an essential part of the scientific record. Given the value of using existing and well-tested code, it seems ...